Copper Clad Laminate

Our product range includes a wide range of Copper Clad Laminate: Flame Retardant CCL (FR1 – FR4), Composite Epoxy CCL (CEM1 & CEM3) and Aluminum/Copper Core Copper Clad Laminate.

Flame Retardant CCL (FR1 – FR4)

FR1 is basically the same as FR2. FR1 has a higher TG of 130oC instead of 105oC for FR2. FR3 is also basically FR2. But instead of phenolic resin it uses an epoxy resin binder.
FR4 (FR = Flame Retardent) is a glass epoxy laminate. It is the most commonly used PCB material. FR4 uses 8 layers glass fiber material. The maximum ambient temperature is between 120o and 130oC, depending on thickness.
FR4 is the most widely used PCB base material, next is FR1 then FR2. But FR1 and FR2 are usually used for 1-layer PCBs because they are not good for plating through holes. FR3 is not recommended to building multi-layer PCBs. FR4 is the best selection. FR4 is widely used because it is good to make from one-layer to multi-layer PCBs. With only FR4, PCB companies can make all kinds of PCBs, which leaves the management and quality control much easier, and eventually it can reduce the cost!
“FR” denotes that the material complies with the standard UL94V-0.

Composite Epoxy CCL (CEM1 & CEM3)

CEM-1 Composite material composed of woven glass fabric surfaces and paper core combined with epoxy resin. Primarily used in the printed circuit board industry. Easy punching and excellent electrical properties and higher flexural strength than paper based grades. CEM-1 provides excellent mechanical and electrical properties.
CEM-3 is very similar to FR4. Instead of woven glass fabric a ‘flies’ type is used. CEM-3 has a milky white colour and is very smooth. It is a complete replacement for FR4 and has a very large market share in Asia. It is a kind of flame retardant epoxy copper-clad plate glass material, is generally used in electronics with double sided and multilayer PCBs

Metal Core Copper Clad Laminate

As Metal Core PCB means the base material for PCB is metal, but not normal FR4/CEM1-3, etc, and currently what the metal used are Aluminum, Copper alloy. Aluminum Metal Core PCB are used instead of traditional FR4 or CEM3 PCBs because of the ability to efficiently dissipate heat away from the components. This is achieved by using a Thermally Conductive Dielectric Layer. Mainly used for LED Lightings.